How often should a horse be massaged? 

Beth Morris

This depends on the horse’s level of work, his confirmation, his health, the extent of an injury, the footing, and how well his tack fits. The average horse, ridden 3-5 days a week, performing moderate work, should receive a massage monthly. This allows his care-givers to have a regular check on his muscular condition and impact of training. Competition horses in more serious training, meeting higher standards and strenuous demands, need massages about every two weeks. Horses in the highest level of competition (Grand Prix Jumping, Grand Prix Dressage etc.), or whose sport places very high demands on their bodies and minds, need weekly sessions. A retired horse or a horse used for pleasure should have a massage about every 6 weeks. The frequency of massages for injured or rehabilitating horses is determined by your veterinarian and is only massaged under your veterinarian’s supervision. *Allowing more than 6 weeks between sessions will diminish the benefits of massage, and may allow issues to resurface before they are resolved.