What happens during a Massage?

Beth Morris

I will discuss with you your medical history, your experience with massage, as well as what your goals in the first session. Once I have a firm idea of your needs, I will leave the room and allow you to disrobe to your level of comfort. There should be a drape of some sort on the massage table, typically a sheet or a large towel for you to cover yourself with. I will knock on the door to be sure that you are ready, and then your massage will begin.

During your session, I will undrape the body part being massaged. Depending on the type of massage, I may use lotion or oil to reduce friction and add a soothing quality. I will check in with you throughout the massage to be sure I am using an adequate amount of pressure.

When your massage is finished, I will quietly exit the room to allow you to get dressed. Once you are dressed I will ask how you are feeling. It is important that you are open and honest with me. It is not uncommon to feel, thirsty, hungry or even dizzy after a massage. I will ask how you feel because I care about how your body received the massage work.