My name is Betty Morris and I am a certified Equine massage therapist ESMT. And I am a licensed massage therapist LMT. for humans.

I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona. I relocated to Arizona from Florida in 2014. I formerly was a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida. I graduated in 1994 From Academy of Healing Arts in Lake Worth, Florida. I graduated Equine massage certification program in Ocala Florida in 1995. Since then I studied additional massage modalities. A few of them are prenatal, infant massage, PNF stretching, neuromuscular, deep tissue and myofascial release and stone massage. I had worked with chiropractors in both human and equine clinic, in health/fitness clubs and in day spas including owning and operations Four Seasons Therapeutic Spa in Fort Pierce, Florida, from 2006-2013. I also worked for Thea’s Performance Horses in Fort Pierce , Florida performing equine massage therapy to the four-legged athletes. I am experienced in helping people with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpel tunnel and neck and back pain from automobile accidents, work and sport related injuries.

In my 23 years in the field of massage therapy I had many unique opportunities. I had worked on training professional baseball players, a British track runner for the 1996 Olympics, I also worked on professional boxers. I am well liked by my clients.

My experience and skills in massage techniques are suitable for almost anyone seeking a massage. All massages are done according to the laws and within the scope of my license. Every human client is draped and I don’t do any sensual massages. My massages are done either on a massage table or in a massage chair according to what the client needs and preference is . Of course my horse client is done with he/she standing in he/she paddock or stall. Unless transported to me then he/she is massaged in one of my pens.