Horse Benefits

The benefits of equine massage benefit your horse and you.


• Dilates blood vessels
• Returns blood back toward heart
• Helps drain lymph material
• Improves muscle tone
• Prevents adhesions
• Stretches connective tissue
• Lessons stiffness and swelling
• Has stimulating or sedative effect on nervous system
• Brings awareness to the area being massaged

How this list of benefits really helps the horse.

CIRCULATION: Massage increases circulation to all body parts. All cells of the body must have oxygen and nutrients brought to them, through the circulation of blood, to generate new cells, produce energy, export toxins and maintain all cellular functions. Poor circulation leads to a decrease in each of these areas resulting in a health challenged horse.

MUSCLE PERFORMANCE: Massage physically breaks down the knots and contracted muscle fibers that cannot do their job efficiently. Leading to better muscle quality and more comprehensive and balanced muscle action.

MENTAL HEALTH : Massage speaks to the nervous system in a way that a horse will experience a state of relaxation, mental clarity and self healing. A horse that functions with constant mental stress and limited focus is denied the ability to perform to its full potential. When your equine partner receives regular massages the effects build up resulting in a happier healthy horse!!!!

How this list of benefits really helps the horse.
  1. You could have a decrease in vet visits and also may keep your horse out of having times he is put on stall rest because of injury, this saves you money.
  2. Your horse should move more efficiently, which he will perform better.
  3. Chances for tendon and ligament injuries are less
  4. Horse should recover quicker from workouts leaving him ready on a consistent basis ready to work
  5. You should have a happier horse with a better work attitude making your daily ride a pleasure rather then a fight. Whether you ride for pleasure or performance, equine massage is a great addition to your horses overall health and wellbeing. This results in you being happy keeping you in the saddle on a happy healthy partner for pleasure or performance!!!!!